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At Alliance Experiential Counseling we believe in the power of the therapeutic alliance. This equates to a meaningful therapeutic partnership based on trust and respect. This alliance is cultivated through movement-based experiences that complement traditional talk therapy sessions and allow for a deeper engagement through action. The experiential counseling model can inspire fresh insights and therapeutic breakthroughs, which surface through the action of movement and lead to substantive healing and growth.



Owner & Director, Experiential Therapist

Blake Ruble is the owner and director of Alliance Experiential Counseling. Blake is a graduate of Clemson University and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) specializing in individual and family therapy in the state of Colorado. As a mental health professional with an avid passion for outdoor adventure, Blake has crafted a unique style of movement-based experiential therapy that yields real results.


His personal interest and background in experiential learning, which includes spending several years in Southern Africa where he lived, worked, and learned alongside the local people, led to the blending of experiential counseling with psychotherapy to create a dynamic form of somatic therapy.

Recently, Blake added an additional layer to his experiential therapist credentials by becoming a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). This certification allows Blake to include the important holistic and integrative treatment elements to the client’s individualized treatment plan. Adding the nutritional and holistic piece to the experiential therapy and counseling creates a whole person, life experience-based approach to achieving optimum wellness. Additionally, Blake has several years experience as a Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association.

In his spare time, Blake gravitates toward outdoor activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and traveling.


Experiential Therapist

Jeannie is a graduate of the counseling psychology program at Centenary University. She helps individuals work towards leading a happier and healthier life through strengthening the mind body connection and developing a deeper sense of self and purpose. Her approach incorporates a combination of movement-based activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and yoga with mindfulness exercises to allow individuals to experience how their minds and bodies work together. This allows us to learn how to nurture these two systems simultaneously. Learning how to listen to the communication occurring between mind and body means better understanding our mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Jeannie is also a Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association and has spent several years furthering her skills as an experiential therapist. This type of approach can be helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, impulse control, stress management, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jeannie believes everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how to better care for themselves and makes this a priority in her work with her clients.


Experiential Therapist

Sean Kershaw is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado’s counseling program, and a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado. He is currently enrolled in the Counseling Psychology PhD program, also at the University of Northern Colorado.

Throughout his professional journey, Sean’s experience involves working with individuals from diverse populations and communities, and across all ages. While emphasizing their strengths, systems of support, and resilience, Sean strives for cultivating a setting for individuals’ lived experiences to be to be recognized, empathized with, and validated. Sean’s additional experience includes working with at-risk and vulnerable populations, grief and loss, loneliness, shame, and trauma.

In addition to his clinical work, Sean has completed level 1 certification with AIARE for Avalance Safety. At every opportunity that arises, Sean can be found in the mountains snowboarding, splitboarding, camping, summiting Colorado’s 14ers, and rock climbing.

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