Alliance Experiential provides expert therapeutic services in the following areas:

Young Adult Independence

Some young adults may struggle to transition into adult independence and will benefit from this guidance. Therapy helps the client to set goals, define purpose, and learn how to adopt basic adult responsibilities.

Gifted And Talented Youth

This cohort can struggle with impulsivity, high levels of frustration, anxiety, sensitivity, and perfectionism. Therapy can help channel their many gifts towards desired goals while helping them navigate these affective and behavioral challenges.

Excessive Or Inappropriate Use Of Technology

 Excessive or inappropriate use of technology can become disruptive, causing loss of sleep, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and a decline in academic performance. Therapy can help the client self-regulate through a partnership with parents to limit this exposure.

Aftercare support

Aftercare following completion of a wilderness program, residential program, or for those in early recovery is an essential aspect of early recovery. Ongoing therapy provides an important source of support when challenges to recovery are encountered, helping the client to navigate these bumps in the road successfully.


The effects of trauma can cause serious impairment due to depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Exposure therapy and other therapeutic methods can help to incrementally reduce the impact of the trauma.

Grief And Loss

A sudden, unexpected death is a significant negative life event that can be traumatizing. Therapy helps the client to process the loss and slowly heal as they come to grips with the loss.

Career Planning and/or Vocational Support.

Career planning is an important life skill for young adults in recovery, helping to give them direction and a sense of purpose. Therapy helps the client identify their skills and passions and make a plan for achieving related career goals.

Supplemental Services

In addition to the therapeutic support for clients, Alliance Experiential also provides supplemental services related to case management.

Client advocacy

There are instances when I am asked to advocate for a client’s mental health status for such issues as child custody arrangements, lease agreements, and educational support.

Education liaison

I partner with school administrators and teachers in formulating an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for clients. Teachers may request guidance for how to effectively engage with a student or manage specific behavioral issues

Treatment placement

Families may request my recommendations for the next levels of care for their teens, such as referrals to a wilderness program or a residential treatment program.

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