Blake Ruble



Owner & Director, Experiential Therapist

Blake Ruble is the owner and director of Alliance Experiential Counseling. Blake is a graduate of Clemson University and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) specializing in individual and family therapy in the state of Colorado. As a mental health professional with an avid passion for outdoor adventure, Blake has crafted a unique style of movement-based experiential therapy that yields real results.


His personal interest and background in experiential learning, which includes spending several years in Southern Africa where he lived, worked, and learned alongside the local people, led to the blending of experiential counseling with psychotherapy to create a dynamic form of somatic therapy.

Recently, Blake added an additional layer to his experiential therapist credentials by becoming a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). This certification allows Blake to include the important holistic and integrative treatment elements to the client’s individualized treatment plan. Adding the nutritional and holistic piece to the experiential therapy and counseling creates a whole person, life experience-based approach to achieving optimum wellness. Additionally, Blake has several years experience as a Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association.

In his spare time, Blake gravitates toward outdoor activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and traveling.


Experiential Therapist

Jeannie is a graduate of the counseling psychology program at Centenary University. She helps individuals work towards leading a happier and healthier life through strengthening the mind body connection and developing a deeper sense of self and purpose. Her approach incorporates a combination of movement-based activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and yoga with mindfulness exercises to allow individuals to experience how their minds and bodies work together. This allows us to learn how to nurture these two systems simultaneously. Learning how to listen to the communication occurring between mind and body means better understanding our mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Jeannie is also a Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association and has spent several years furthering her skills as an experiential therapist. This type of approach can be helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, impulse control, stress management, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jeannie believes everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how to better care for themselves and makes this a priority in her work with her clients.

Summer Yoast Headshot


Experiential Therapist

Summer Yoast is a graduate of California State University’s Fullerton counseling program and a licensed professional counselor candidate in the state of Colorado. She is also currently enrolled in the Counselor Education and Supervision PhD program at the University of Northern Colorado undergoing training in supervision and play therapy.

Summer is person-centered and strives to know you as a whole complex and unique human. She believes in seeking connections with the natural world as a means of better understanding ourselves and our experiences. Summer attends to strengthening your relationship with nature as an ally in the growth process and returning to our evolutionary roots as we strive for health. Throughout her professional career Summer has worked with children and adults navigating identity, life transitions, trauma, grief, and growth and has experience working with play therapy, disordered eating, and survivors of high demand organizations and groups. Summer’s approach integrates nature-based exercise, play, immersion, and reflection to facilitate deeper levels of cognitive engagement, therapeutic processing, and self-discovery.

Outside the counseling session Summer is found exploring trails of the Poudre River, tending to her overflowing gardens, and relaxing outside with her chocolate lab, snake, and partner.

Zachary Guillaume, LPCC

Experiential Therapist

Zach obtained his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado in May 2022 and is a licensed professional counselor candidate in the state of Colorado. Prior to becoming a counselor, Zach's academic background was rooted in history, leading him to obtain a Master's Degree in history from California State University Fullerton in 2018. As a historian Zach researched, presented, and published on the topic of human trauma and post traumatic growth. 

Zach approaches counseling relationships from a person-centered perspective, believing that everyone must find their own individualized understanding and insight in life. While counseling can be an intentional space to think, process, and learn about ourselves and our emotions, ultimately growth comes from the ways we apply what we learn to life. Zach feels that experiential therapy offers an opportunity to meld the safe space that counseling creates with real life circumstances to apply our desired change. 

For the last four years Zach has worked with underserved and trauma exposed youth in Northern Colorado in an alternative school setting.  Zach has worked with clients navigating through trauma, gender transition, shifting family dynamics, relational struggles, and domestic violence, and values working with clients across all age ranges, genders, and racial identities.


Licensed Therapist - Telehealth Only

It takes a lot to be a person. Perhaps you've lost a loved one, are struggling through a life transition, or have regrets. Maybe you've even experienced pain and hurt by someone you thought was safe and secure to trust. Life is difficult. And yet, there's hope. We thrive in relationships and connections with others, not struggle through painful moments alone. In our work together, I promise to give you my utmost commitment toward helping you identify and grow from the challenging experiences accompanying this life. 


What matters to you most? What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to treat yourself, others, and the world around you, especially when life gets hard? Together we can reflect on these questions with curiosity and openness in empowering you as you take steps toward the kind of life you want to live. All your parts are welcome, who you are matters, and your identities and experiences deserve respect, compassion, and validation. 


Since pain and suffering are a part of our lives, my approach tends to work well with anyone experiencing a significant life stressor, such as grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, substance use, and shame. I also help couples work through various issues, including communication, divorce and separation, infidelity, and co-parenting. I also offer cost-effective clinical supervision for those seeking licensure in CO. 

As someone who places a high value on health and well-being, engaging in outdoor pursuits and spending quality time with loved ones are two examples of the many things that inspire and fuel my life. Please get in touch with me about scheduling a free consultation.

Please note: Sean is only offering virtual appointments at this time. He can be reached at: or (406-624-9846). 


Clinical Intern

Kim is pursuing her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health at Adams State University and is joining Alliance Experiential for her Practicum. She earned a B.A. in Mass Communications from Auburn University.

Kim's counseling philosophy centers on the belief in individuals' capacity for self-healing. She's naturally optimistic and empathetic, promoting active participation in self-discovery and growth. Her client-centered approach values each person's unique story and challenges.

In her professional experience, Kim has worked with diverse clients, addressing identity exploration, transitions, health challenges, trauma, personal and career development. She has a passion for supporting neurodivergent individuals, employing behavioral modeling and coaching techniques in a non-judgmental environment.

Beyond her work, she finds solace in gardening, enjoys creative writing, and is currently working on her first book. Traveling and artistic pursuits like pottery, painting, and dancing enrich her life and counseling practice. In Denver, she's taking on skiing as her latest athletic challenge.

A sports enthusiast, especially for Auburn football, Kim's optimistic outlook stems from her philosophy of saying "yes" to life's adventures, a mindset she encourages in others. She firmly believes in the healing power of creative outlets, urging clients to find activities that make their soul sing and their face smile.

Kim is committed to helping others navigate life's challenges and discover their own strengths and passions.

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