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8 Ways to Boost Wellbeing in 2020 

We are now more than halfway through 2020, a most unusual year that will surely remain in our memories for decades to come. Winding our way through a pandemic, and the subsequent economic realities related to it, many of us have experienced some mental health challenges these past months. With lots of uncertainty still on […]

Thought Switching Techniques for Breaking Rumination Patterns 

We can all get stuck in a perpetual loop of rumination at times, replaying over and over in our minds some negative event or perceived slight. Ruminating is a form of processing thoughts and emotions, and definitely has its purpose on occasion. In fact, like wearing invisible blinders, we keep our attention focused intently on […]

Depression and Anxiety More Prevalent than you Might Think 

People who struggle with depression will often present with a co-occurring anxiety disorder. Like two sides of the same coin, anxiety, and depression often coexist. Either one of these common mental health disorders alone can cause serious impairment in daily functioning, but when they are both present it can have debilitating effects. The crippling fear […]

5 Strategies for Managing Depression Holistically 

As a nation, we are experiencing unprecedented events that have recently placed a great burden on our collective mental health. In fact, health officials are increasingly voicing concerns about the psychological effects of the pandemic, the economic fallout, and growing civil unrest. As difficult as these events have been for adults to process and deal […]

5 Helpful Tips for Managing the Symptoms of ADHD 

Who among us doesn’t find themselves occasionally struggling to stay on task or remaining focused while someone is giving instructions? Being distracted is a very common human condition that can no doubt be annoying and frustrating. But when someone uses the phrase, “Oh, I am so ADHD!” it can be cringe-worthy to a mental health […]

6 Stress Management Skills in the Time of COVID-19 

In what feels like a minute, life has been dramatically altered due to the advent of the coronavirus crisis. In just a few short weeks, Americans went from being free-spirited, social beings to feeling somewhat like caged animals. While the experts attempt to work out the ever-changing policies to safeguard our health, we are tasked […]

How Experiential Therapy and Movement Helps Teens with Autism 

Imagine moving through life with a diminished ability to recognize the synchronicity of your own body parts. For a teen with autism, a lack of spatial awareness can cause them to be a bit clumsy, not fully grasping how their body position or movements might impact their environment or the people in it. This can […]

How Experiential Therapy Can Get Your Teen Talking 

Even for adults, entering into a therapeutic relationship and beginning dialogue about your struggles can be extremely daunting.  So it should shock no one that teenagers will often struggle to engage in traditional elements of talk therapy and psychoanalysis.  Add in the fact that most teenagers attend therapy at the behest of their parents, and […]

Improving Client Outcomes through Experiential Therapy 

“…nobody can stand truth if it is told to him. Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself because then, the pride of discovery makes the truth palatable.” -Fritz Perls Just a few days ago, I was sitting and having coffee with a new colleague who shared my interest and passion for experiential […]

Sandstone Care Interviews Alliance Experiential Counseling Owner, Blake Ruble 

On Sandstone Care’s Inspire and Empower Change Podcast “Experiential therapy is a great way to get back out in the world and explore new passions and just get engaged with new habits and do things differently…” Jess Barry:  Hi everyone, welcome to Sandstone Care’s, Inspire and Empower Change podcast. I’m Jess Barry and we’re joined here […]

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