Alliance Experiential Counseling Policies


Payment for services is due within one week after services are rendered.  Invoices are sent via email at the conclusion of each session, unless another arrangement has been made with your counselor.  Direct billing is available upon request.  If you would like to set up direct billing, please reach out to Blake Ruble at

Professional Fees/Cancellation Policy

Professional fees and cancellation policies may vary from therapist to therapist.  These policies will be reviewed with you during your intake process.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, please reach out to your counselor directly, or refer to the disclosure agreement signed during intake.  Please note that services offered outside of traditional sessions (report writing, IEP contribution, filing forms, attending meetings) may incur an additional fee.  Your counselor will discuss any additional fees with you prior to providing a service.


We are not directly paneled with any insurance companies and would be considered an out-of-network provider.  Most insurance companies will provide partial or full coverage for services rendered by a psychotherapist, but you must check with your insurance company for specific benefits applicable to your plan. Superbills can be provided upon request in order to assist our clients with obtaining reimbursement from their insurance provider.  Additionally, psychotherapy is an allowable expense for your Health Spending Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Upon request, I will provide an itemized bill that you can submit to your insurance company or HSA/FSA flexible for your entitled reimbursement.


The security of your sensitive information is of utmost importance to us, and we are bound by law to protect your confidentiality. Any disclosure of your treatment to others will require your explicit written consent. However, we are mandated reporters under certain situations. If indications of child abuse or planned bodily harm to oneself or to others come to light in the course of treatment, we are legally bound to report these to the appropriate authorities. Please refer to our privacy practices form signed at intake for additional information.

Patient Rights

You are entitled to the highest quality of care available. Psychotherapy is a joint undertaking, with rights and responsibilities shared by both parties. At your initial visit, we will conduct a thorough review of your current complaints and of your background. By the end of the initial visit, we will offer my preliminary impressions, and we will discuss your treatment options. One of the most important aspects of a therapeutic relationship is the goodness-of-fit between therapist and client, so the initial visit is also your opportunity to determine for yourself if we am the right therapist for you. If after the initial assessment we determine it is a poor fit, we will make referrals to other providers that may be a better option for providing treatment.